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The Servium Group, Inc.

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Servium offers a variety of disaster recovery, community, and economic development services. Our core competencies include providing professional services in the following technical areas:

  • Disaster Recovery Program Services
  • Housing Development and Rehabilitation Services
  • Grant and Loan Consulting
  • Project Development and Planning
  • Program Administration and Project Management
  • Construction Management, Administration, and Inspection Services
  • Technical Assistance and Training
  • Program Compliance, Assessment, and Evaluation

Disaster Recovery Program Services

Servium is knowledgeable regarding disaster response and recovery. We have served as first responders immediately following natural disasters and have provided consulting services to state and local governments in an effort to design recovery programs to assist with housing rehabilitation, infrastructure repair, and commercial revitalization.

Servium has assisted in administering more than $2 billion in disaster recovery funding secured through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investments Partnerships Program (HOME), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and State Housing Initiatives Partnerships (SHIP) programs.

Housing Development and Rehabilitation Services

Servium has a vast amount of experience in designing and implementing housing programs. We have assisted many clients with the implementation and administration of their housing plans relative to CDBG, SHIP, HOME, and other resources necessary to provide housing services to local constituents.

Our Team works with communities from the beginning of the program through closeout. Because we often implement in partnership with our clients “on the ground,” we provide vast community outreach and work closely with the citizens participating in the program to ensure they have all the assistance needed to navigate through challenging programs.

Grant and Loan Consulting

Servium assists clients with finding funding opportunities to implement community development initiatives/activities. We have the capacity to write grants and secure funding on behalf of the client and also carry out activities related to program implementation.

Servium has a staff comprised of subject matter experts in federal and state grant programs. Our work begins before the funding is secured so that we can represent our clients to federal and state funding agencies. This results in the ability of governments to design their programs to meet needs specific to their communities and maximize the amount of funding received.

Project Development and Planning

Prior to writing a grant and securing funding for a project or being allocated funds, the organization must undergo a process. This includes designing a project or program that both meet the needs of the citizens. It also must be compliant with all rules and regulations of the funding program.

Project development and planning are critical components of the community development funding process. When designing programs, preparing action plans, and developing projects, our team works with government officials and staff, citizens, and other professional staff. This is to ensure that the program or project will provide maximum benefit to the people that program or project is intended to serve.

Program Administration and Project Management

Many governments have challenges with capacity and resources to manage community development programs due to limited staffing, ever-changing and complex federal and state program regulations, and the time investment necessary to manage these programs.

Therefore, it becomes important to secure the necessary expertise to effectively manage the programs. Servium has served as a program administrator for many local governments. This involves providing comprehensive services including but not limited to:

  • Program Design
  • Program Administration
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Construction Management
  • Compliance and Technical Assistance to Ensure Strict Adherence to the Program's Rules and Regulations

We have developed a proven track record of implementing the most successful grant-funded completed on-time and within the budget that stands out to detailed monitoring and audits.

Construction Management, Administration and Inspection Services

Servium has a tremendous amount of experience in construction management and administration. Several staff members are trained and certified in construction management and has the experience necessary to interpret building code standards and other industry regulations.

We are able to assist the local government in navigating through the bidding and contractor selection processes; we have the capacity to provide construction monitoring and inspection services as needed. Servium also provides monitoring services throughout the construction period until the Certificate of Occupancy is received.

Upon construction completion, Servium advises the local government on closeout procedures as identified by the funding source.

Technical Assistance and Training

Servium provides technical assistance and training to all of its clients at any point during the project. We can provide quality technical assistance due to our familiarity with a myriad of federal, state, and local community as well as economic development programs.

Servium's proficiency and experience in crafting housing plans, capital improvement plans, and community revitalization plans qualify us to provide services that will cause projects to materialize and produce the desired outputs and outcomes.

Program Compliance, Assessment, and Evaluation

Servium has the resources and capacity to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization's community development programs and activities. We do this by providing a comprehensive review of policies, procedures, program design, financial management, program implementation, and compliance.

Upon completion of the assessment, Servium will provide the local government with a comprehensive report specifying findings, conclusions, recommendations, and best practices.