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WTVY: Jackson County Still Recovering from Hurricane Michael

Marianna, Fl. (WTVY) - In Marianna, 10 percent of businesses are still not operating at full capacity and Jackson County officials say getting back on track requires more than hammers and nails.

This restaurant stands alone in this the Oak Station shopping mall. A family had taken ownership for only three months before Hurricane Michael ripped off the roof and shut them down

"People drive by and they see the damage over there they think we are not open either," said Rodney Ingram, Oak Restaurant Owner.

According to Contractor David Hall, they have been working on rebuilding this mall for 9 months -welcoming back Bealls Outlet, Big Lots, Hibbett Sports, and a rehab center.

"people are tired that their stuff isn't fixed yet, they are aggravated because the roads aren't fixed yet they are confused why debris pick up is still going on," said Wilanne Daniels, County Administrator.

Daniels says the community is in the disillusioned phase, but believes these struggles will make the county stronger.

"I am absolutely positive that this is the very thing that took us where we wanted to be all along," said Daniels.

Daniels says on top of individual damages - the county has $90 million of damage to its roads.

"It’s not something we can do within our own resources but it's something that's achievable but if we continue to push through and to pursue every last grant dollar available we will get there," said Daniels.

Daniels says it's crucial people take advantage of the debris pickup service - there's a time limit for the county to get reimbursed. That deadline is July 14.

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