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WCTV: Volunteers Needed to help Hurricane Michael victims in Gadsden County

Gadsden County, Fla. (WCTV) -- Many families are still struggling from Hurricane Michael.

The United Way of the Big Bend is coming together to help those in Gadsden County.

Friday, July 19th, volunteers will be going out to remove trees and debris and make minor repairs for 12 to 17 families in Gadsden County.

"At least one tree, if not two trees, came through the back room. They actually came in the house and everything was soaked."

Chattahoochee resident Barbara Milt said.

She says three trees fell on top of her house from Hurricane Michael.

Those trees have been removed. But, there are plenty still all over her property.

Trees destroyed the fence.

She and her husband can't afford to have the trees removed, and the overgrown property has become unmanageable.

"It's overwhelming. I've been battling depression because I can't do a lot physically myself. It's like, you know, Lord, I know that you are in control, but how long do we have to wait?" Wilt said.

Zack Blake is also waiting on help clearing his property in Quincy.

He has a spinal cord injury and recently underwent back surgery.

Downed trees from Hurricane Michael has been keeping him from putting a home on the land.

"A while back, due to the fact I can't stand up, I got on my knees. I praise God I didn't cut my knees." Blake said.

"I haven't lost hope totally. There is a big light at the end of the tunnel." Said, Wilt.

If you'd like to help, come to the Gadsden County Governmental Office Complex at 8 a.m.

Friday. Volunteers are asked to meet in the parking lot, then they'll go out from there.

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