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WCTV: Quincy to help residents fix roofs damaged by Hurricane Michael

QUINCY, Fla. (WCTV) -- Quincy city officials are working out a way to help those in need of repairs from Hurricane Michael.

The City Commission approved the use of funds to fix damaged roofs in a special meeting on Tuesday.

Officials say it started with their new program called "Customer Facing," where they've gone to neighborhoods asking what they need.

They say that's when they noticed all the blue tarps in the area and just how much people still needed help from the storm.

Gary Betton, a Quincy resident, still has visible damage on his house from the storm.

"Still have a tarp," he said. "Been on there quite a while now."

A blue tarp has covered his entire roof since the storm in October. Betton says he and his wife haven't been able to afford to fix it, especially with other damage costs and bills piling up.

"It just kept accumulating and accumulating," Betton said. "I said to myself, 'Something has got to give.' I was praying and hoping that God would send someone through to help me with that process to keep it moving."

Someone did come through his neighborhood.

Recently, city officials walked the area of Arlington Circle, giving Betton a chance to voice his concerns face-to-face.

"It stuck on the back of our mind, like, we got to do something," explained Mayor Keith Dowdell.

The City Commission has approved funding to go toward repairing or replacing roofs damaged from the hurricane.

"When we find a real problem, it's the job of the City Commission to come up with problem solving to ensure that we take care of our citizens," Dowdell said.

Dowdell says the money will be taken from a $250,000 improvement project that was originally budgeted to reconstruct the ditch at the intersection of Shelfter and Hamilton streets.

The mayor says they won't forget about the ditch project and that it's possible it'll be added to next year's budget.

Dowdell adds the city has a list of those homes with tarps and should be contacting residents to start helping with their roofs.

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