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Times-Union: FEMA funds help Jacksonville with Hurricane Irma debris-removal costs

FEMA passsed on two federal grants to Jacksonville, a total $18.17 million to defray the costs of debris removal for Hurricane Irma.

FEMA has funneled more funds to Jacksonville to defray the costs of debris removal for Hurricane Irma.

The $18.17 million announced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency will help repair damage by two recent hurricanes in Nassau County as well as along Jacksonville’s beaches.

The new Public Assistance Program funding reimburses Jacksonville for the collection, reduction and disposal of debris after Irma’s September 2017 impact.

County workers and contractors gathered and hauled away 549,099 cubic yards of vegetation and other waste, as well as 8,480 cubic yards of construction and demolition debris for landfill disposal. City workers also removed 294 damaged or leaning trees, 25,521 hanging limbs and 96 tree stumps, FEMA said.

The money helps local governments recover from major disasters or emergencies and is provided to the state after a review process. Eighteen Florida counties also were designated for public-assistance FEMA funding due to damage caused by Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Jacksonville has received similar federal assistance, such as the August allocation of $1.7 million to reimburse Jacksonville for the cost of rebuilding dunes along a 7.5-mile stretch of beach that had just been renourished months earlier.

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